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Street Opening ROW

Street Opening ROW Permit


1. Complete Section 1 of the permit form. Determine which type of bond to use (individual, blanket, and utility).

2. Bond amount will be figured based on the work area in the right-of-way. The bond amount is figured based on a set fee schedule and will be determined by city personnel. The bond must be in place on the date of work and remain in place for one full year. (Bond date must match work date.)

3. The bonding company is urged to email (kbenge@cityofgreenville.org) the bond before the client delivers it to the City, to speed up the approval process and save the contractor frustration and time. The original bond must still be submitted with the application.

4. After approval of the bond and permit, the Planning and Zoning Department will accept payment of the $60 permit fee and issue the permit.

5. Notify the Planning and Zoning Office (937-548-4930) of time work is planned to begin and when you will need any inspections. 24 hour notice is needed. There must be an inspection prior to any pouring.

Required Documentation


Click here for REQUIRED sketch page print off for Street Opening ROW Permits.

Zoning Compliance

Zoning Compliance Application


For all prospective commercial or industrial uses (all businesses) in existing or new structures, it will be necessary to obtain a "Certificate of Zoning Compliance" from the City of Greenville, prior to use or occupancy of the building or premises. Further, a "Zoning Permit" will be also necessary to obtain if the building/premises is thereafter created, erected, changed, converted or wholly or partly altered or enlarged in its use or structure.

In beginning this process, the first office you will need to visit is the Planning & Zoning Department, located in the Greenville Municipal Building, 100 Public Square. There you will be informed of any regulations or requirements related to the intended use of the structure and of the feasibility as to changing any component of the building footprint. It may also be necessary to submit an engineered plan to the City to be approved by the Panning and Zoning Director and Planning and Zoning Commission. Both processes will be explained within this department. Finally, if you intend to replace or re-face an existing sign or erect a new sign on the premises, the sign requirements and permit process will be explained.

During your visit to the Municipal Building it may be necessary to register with the Greenville City Income Tax Department. Water and sanitary service account information and payment can be set up in the Greenville City Utilities Department.

Following the receipt of your approved "Zoning Compliance" permit, the next necessary approval will come from the Miami County Department of Development, located at 510 West Water Street, Suite 120, Troy, Ohio. Their phone number is (937) 440-8121. This is the office that issues the "Certificate of Occupancy". This department will assist you in all necessities regarding structural, electrical or heating alterations within your facility, as well as directing you toward compliance with State of Ohio Fire Code Regulations and Darke County Health Department regulations. The Miami County Department of Development will also appraise you of any additional State of Ohio Regulations, including but not limited to "Safety and Hygiene Inspection", "Plumbing Inspection", and "Food Handling Permit", as applicable.

All inspections will need to be performed or proven not applicable by the associated departments in order to conduct operations. The "Certificate of Zoning Compliance" will not be issued until all requirements have been met, and it will be unlawful to occupy or use of a premise will generate an immediate "Stop Work Order" requiring that all work on the site cease immediately. Any continuance of work on the site, without approval of the Planning and Zoning Director or representative thereof will constitute a criminal offense (Codified Ordinance 1034.02).

Zoning Permit Application

Zoning Permit Application


Click icon to the left to submit Zoning Permit (Fence/Pool/Shed/Garage/Addition Accessory Structure Sign) Application.

Click here for more information about applying for a Fence Permit.

Click here for more information about applying for a Pool Permit.

Click here for more information about applying for a Shed/Garage Permit.

Required Documentation


Click here for REQUIRED sketch page print off for SIGN Permits.


Click here for REQUIRED sketch page print off for other ZONING permits.